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You know you have too much time on your hands...'s Journal

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16th November 2003

java_girl8:26pm: I realized ...
that Bart, lisa and maggie from teh simpsons have been the same age for almost 12 years and never seem to change grades...
Current Mood: blah

10th November 2003

java_girl10:55pm: hmmm
Well let's say you worked at a store and a nun came in and you accidentally gave her the wrong change would you feel really bad? even worse tahn you might normally? (assuming you would normally feel bad about it at all)

5th November 2003

java_girl11:19am: if you were a jellybean what colour and flavour would you be?

4th November 2003

java_girl10:27pm: Why do you think back-bacon sometimes gets called Canadian bacon?
Current Mood: contemplative
winterknight7:27pm: Why are they called Swedish Berries?
java_girl2:13pm: Scents...
If there was a scent called bitch what do you think it would smell like? and people say they can smell fear...what woudl it smell like?

2nd November 2003

masaichi5:20pm: probably a simple answer to this one.
I've always wondered why the U.S has both Memorial Day and Veteran's day. Is it just to have a day specific for the veterans alive and for the ones who died?
java_girl1:26pm: Can you tell I have to much time on my hands...?
Where do you think the name for the country Turkey came from? And do you think that maybe the name for the bird came from that country to insult the people living there maybe..?
java_girl11:39am: Why..?
Why do they call it head-cheese when there is no cheese in it? just brains and stuff?
Current Mood: blah
java_girl9:24am: sooo
yeah no members yet. But anyway when you were a little kid did you always assume that everyone celebrated the exact same holidays as we did? And do you stillthink that sometimes? like that because it was Halloween here that it was Halloween everywhere?
Current Mood: thoughtful

31st October 2003

java_girl11:17am: *waves*
hey people!...er well there really isn't any people yet but you know,when somebody gets here...anybody? I'll try and make the journal look all nice and spiffy soon.^^
for the first post in this community. *drumrolls*

You know how often english people imitate and kind of make fun of people from other language backgrounds? I wonder if those people immitate us trying to speak their language, for example people from germany trying to speak the way an english person woul while speaking their language... you get what I mean?
Current Mood: accomplished
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