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the_other_box's Journal

You know you have too much time on your hands...
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Hey folks. Have too much time on your hands? Often wonder about strange and wacky things…? Then welcome! This is an LJ for those of you who tend to wonder about strange things like, “I wonder why they call it a pair of scissors when there’s only one set of scissors.” Definitely for outside the box thinkers, hence the name. Um sorta. =) Ohkay before we all jump to the fun part there’s some rules. (oh yes I‘m sure you saw this coming)

1) Be as zany and crazy as you want, just don’t be rude or offensive. No insulting people cause insults are bad mmmkay?

2) I’d really prefer it not becoming a place to rant about your life, I mean you can wonder things in your life like “I wonder why the fire hydrant on my street is yellow when the rest are red.” Please no “I wonder why my mom has to be so mean and stupid!”

3) Discuss. Discuss people’s little wonderings and if you have a logical explanation to what they’re thinking go ahead and share it in a comment… or even a non-logical one that works well too. Just don’t be mean or rude that’s bad, boo, hiss.

And yeah that’s it for rules. ^^

If you have any questions at all just contact java_girl
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